Plastic moulding

Plastic moulding

Plastic moulding is another way of describing vacuum moulding. The process simply put is shaping one of many different types of plastic which will be best suited for the end use by heating it to a pliable state using a clamping system to hold the sheet in place. The sheet is then placed over a ridged male or female pattern. The vacuum will suck the pliable sheet into the shape of the tool prior to the sheet cooling back into a solid form thus maintaining the desired shape. We work with a large range of plastic sheets in a variety of colours, textures, and thicknesses sourced from both local and international suppliers. A large range of stock sheets are stored in-house but can also be sourced based on specific requirements such as UV stable, flame retardant, soft-touch, metallic, chromes to list a hand full of options.

Plastic moulding is one of the oldest forms of plastic manipulation. The advantages of plastic moulding are that it is considerably more affordable in comparison to other types of moulding especially in the early stages of tool manufacturing as well as low volume manufacturing and prototyping. With modern-day resins and all processes kept in-house, the process from conceptualisation to final production parts is much quicker than alternative moulding processes. We now have the ability to create tooling which can have almost an unlimited life span.

The particular technique of plastic moulding allows for the creation of many different shapes having the flexibility to produce both male and female tools based on the client’s requirements. Plastic moulding is used in a vast variety of industries ranging from automotive, packaging, retail, and signage to list a handful.

We have the capabilities of producing plastic moulded parts from 0.38mm up to 12mm in thickness with a maximum sheet size of 3500mm x 2500mm with a moulding depth of 1000mm.

We are a one-stop shop for the entire process of plastic moulding. We have in-house design and engineering, pattern making and tooling, moulding, fabrication, 3 and 5-axis CNC trimming, laser cutting on-site, fully automated robotic welding, digital or pad printing option and distribution.

We are a wholly Australian-owned and family-operated business. Please contact our team of designers and engineers and let us create a solution for your requirements.