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Vacmould Displays specialise in designing and manufacturing a broad range of vacuum moulding, fabrication, and point of sale display products.

The skills and expertise of our design team will create a product for you that will exceed your expectations.

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About Us

Vacmould Displays is an Australian owned family business operating in Melbourne, Victoria since 1990.

Over this time, our extensive experience has helped build a solid reputation as an industry leader in plastic moulding and fabrication, producing Australian-made products of the highest quality and standard.

At our production facility located in Airport West, Melbourne, Australia, we create everything from retail point-of-sale displays to large heavy-duty industrial mouldings and automotive-grade components.

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What our customers say

Hi Vacmould, thanks for sorting us out with our original order for the A4 Card Frames. Our customer was so happy they have decided to order another 4000 from us! Thanks again for all your help, hopefully, this is just the beginning and we get plenty more orders out to you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks Vacmould, that is fantastic. I have sent through to the client and already got feedback. They are extremely impressed, loved the render with glasses in. The comment was ‘engineering at its best’.

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for working so hard on this project for me. I think the bells look great and the client and designers are very happy. All is on track to begin installation this weekend – I’ll send photos of the finished product once its completed. Please pass on my appreciation to your staff for the fantastic effort.

Just to let you know that the client implemented the trays over the Easter break and the result was successful. I am very happy with the design service and commitment that Vacmould put into this project. Thank you both of you and the team at Vacmould Displays. You guys did an outstanding job.