Recycling in today’s global environment places responsibility on each and every one of us. Commercial and consumer markets use huge amounts of plastics. With the amount of plastic being manufactured on a daily basis it is now essential we all do our part for future generations.

As plastic manufacturing industries are constantly evolving we are continuing to see advances made in resource recovery. This has allowed us as a manufacturer to almost entirely eliminate plastic wastage which would otherwise have been sent to landfills. We pride ourselves on recycling all plastic from the manufacturing process including protective films, as well as having dedicated recycling for packaging cardboards.

Our material is constantly being re-manufactured into new sheets meaning that any wastage, defective or obsolete parts are extruded back into raw material sheets ready to be rebirthed into something new.

We have invested in systems to eliminate our waste as well as provide training to all staff on the importance of disposing of waste in dedicated recycling bins.

Our systems and processes are constantly evolving as new technologies mean we can further reduce our footprint on our planet.