Counter Displays and Stands

Counter Displays and Stands

The retail industry is one of extreme competition which has significantly developed in recent years with the presence of online retailers all vying for consumers business.

It is more important than ever for retailers to insure that their products are drawing the attention of the consumer. It is one thing to have the consumer enter your store, which is half the battle but to draw them to your product and entice them into make a purchase is the difficult part.

Our team of designers has been working in various design and marketing roles for the better part of 35 years. We currently produce counter top displays and as well as full display stands for some of Australia’s largest retailers in a broad range of industries across Australia.

Our countertop displays are specifically designed to draw the consumer to the product especially at the point of sale stage. An effective countertop display will draw the consumer’s attention to a product which may not have been the initial reason for entering the store but whilst waiting for the transaction to be finalised may find another product which will give the opportunity for the retailer to cross-sell and potential increase sales.


A product in itself has the ability to sell based on consumers opinions and market trends, however, a retail displays stand will draw a customer who may not be aware at that stage of the different variety of brands on the market and will physically take hold of the product increasing their chances of committing to the purchase.

We work with a large range of plastics and acrylics which we offer in a broad spectrum of colours, finishes and thicknesses. We have long term working relationships with some of Australia’s most prominent printers to produce incredible pre-distortion printing for countertop displays and retail merchandising stands.

Being a one stop shop for all things plastic we have increased our reach to work with a fusion of plastics, metals, woods, foams, acrylics. We specialise in creating brilliant, eye-catching counter top displays and full floor merchandising display stands.

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