In-House Design & Engineering

Having our own highly experienced in-house design and engineering team ensures that we can develop and manage any project to budget, lead time and brief.

Both our design and engineering departments work harmoniously hand in hand to ensure our clients are provided with the best possible designs and products. From the concepts or ideas, provided to us at the briefing stage, we can create and engineer high quality 3D rendered models, so that our clients can best view and assess the end product prior to commencing prototyping and production.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is our signature process and one which has driven the company to its success within the Australian Manufacturing sector. The process involves a flat sheet of plastic being perimeter clamped and then heated to an elastic state. A mould is then pressed against the sheet and the air between them is vacuumed out. This causes air pressure to force the sheet against the mould. Once the sheet has cooled down the plastic maintains the shape of the mould.

Depending on the complexity of the moulding a number of different styles of tools can be manufactured in order to achieve the desired results. The vacuum forming process is extremely cost effective for small through to large volume projects. Considering the low costs of tooling in comparison to other types of plastic manufacturing it is often considered a more viable method of manufacturing. Advances in tooling materials have ensured that some types of tools have virtually unlimited lifetimes. Vacuum forming has relatively low prototyping and production lead times.

We cater for all variants dimension wise depending on your requirements from 0.38mm up to 12mm in thickness and up to 3500 x 2500mm in a vast range of colours and textures. We can mould and manufacture all types of material.  These materials include specially formulated Acrylic capped ABS with UV stability for external application, Sanitary grade material for Bathroom applications, ABS, acrylic, HDPE, polypropylene, polycarbonate styrene, PCA, ASA, soft touch ABS and Laminated finishes like Chrome, Carbon fibre and wood grains. All our material is recyclable.

We have a machine and material to suit your needs. Our management team has over sixty years’ combined experience in the industry. There is no project too large or complex for us to handle. Check out the demonstration of the vacuum moulding process in the following film clip.

Products that were manufactured with our plastic fabrication in Melbourne

Fabrication-small-size Fabrication-small-size--1

Product Fabrication

Vacmould Displays fabrication department can manufacture, assemble and pack any combination of plastics, mouldings, acrylics, steel, aluminium and timbers to create eye catching displays and many other items. Our fabrication equipment includes a large array of plastic benders, CNC routers, Lasers and ultrasonic welders. As such we can shape and assemble any material to best suit your requirements from large scale display cabinets through to small counter top displays and brochure holders, ensuring we have the flexibility to handle any size project to meet your needs.

A wide range of glues, assorted fittings and fasteners have been tried and tested to ensure the most appropriate fixings for any product and we are constantly looking for new methods. Our highly skilled fabrication team boasts over 30 years of industry experience. Combined with our equipment capabilities ranging from presses, plastic polishers and all the latest technology, we can complete the most complex of projects, ensuring the highest quality products to suit your budget. No project is too small or too complex. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your product will exceed your expectations. Call us now to discuss your project requirements in more detail.

3D Machining

Using current software and state of the art 5 axis CNC machines our highly trained engineering team and dedicated pattern shop are capable of 3D routing a variety of materials to quickly and accurately create patterns and tools. Having this process in house gives greater control of our projects and also ensures that budget expectations are maintained. This modern technology ensures that the initial production of manufacturing components for your project are produced in a timely manner.



Precision Laser Cutting

Our fabrication department offers 3 axis laser cutting in addition to 3 axis routing for those times when very fine details, accuracy and highly polished edges are required.